Wonhyuk Cho, PhD

Dr. Cho is Senior Lecturer of Public Management at the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. (wonhyuk.cho@vuw.ac.nz)


His research has been focused on performance management of public organizations, bureaucracy, human resource management, citizen satisfaction, policing, e-government and comparative public administration.

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Journal articles

B. Allen, L. E. Tamindael, S. H. Bickerton, and W. Cho. (2019) Does Citizen Coproduction Lead to Better Urban Services in Smart Cities Projects? An Empirical Study on E-Participation in a Mobile Big Data Platform. Government Information Quarterly (SSCI). (Corresponding Author)


J-Y. Hur, W. Cho, G. Lee, and S. Bickerton. (2019) The “Smart Work” Myth: How Bureaucratic Inertia and Workplace Culture Stymied Digital Transformation in the Relocation of South Korea’s Capital. Asian Studies Review, 43(3) (SSCI). (Corresponding Author)

G. Plimmer, E. Franken, and W. Cho. (2019) Competing Demands and Variable Managers. Public Sector: Journal of the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand, 42(3): 3-4.

D. Kim, W. Cho, and H-Y. Park. (2019) Asset-Building Approaches to Community Development and the Role of Local Government in Urban Regeneration.  The Korean Journal of Public Administration, (KCI). (Corresponding Author) 

W. Cho and A.T-K Ho. (2018) Does Neighborhood Crime Matter? A Multi-Year Survey Study on Perceptions of Race, Victimization, and Public Safety, International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 55: 13-26 (SSCI). (First Author)

D. Sagarik, P. Chansukree, W. Cho, and E. Berman. (2018) E-Government 4.0 in Thailand: The Role of Central Agencies. Information Polity, 32(1): 149-174.

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W. Cho, T. Im, G. Porumbescu, H. Lee, J. Park. (2013). A Cross-Country Study of the Relationship between Weberian Bureaucracy and Government Performance, International Review of Public Administration, 18(3): 115-137 (First Author)

W. Cho. (2013). Discretionary Behavior of Public Employees in Police Organization: Grounded Theory Approach to Public Management in Korea. Korean Public Administration Review, 47(3): 389-423. (KCI). (First Author)

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